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We’re into the second month of our 'My Story, My Stack' campaign, and we’ve been spending time with another amazing woman. Helping Hand is our theme for October, inspired by good luck, protection and support in times of need. We sat down with journalist, presenter and career coach Harriet Minter to talk about conquering the fear of failure, her greatest successes; as well as the favourite Chrysalis pieces which make up her stack.

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Meet Harriet Minter

Harriet started her career in journalism, founding and editing Women in Leadership for The Guardian. Now freelance, she writes for titles including The Guardian and The Times, as well as a monthly column in Psychologies magazine. You may also have spotted her on the BBC and Sky News. In 2016 along with Natalie Campbell and Emma Sexton, Harriet launched Badass Women’s Hour an award-winning a weekly podcast and radio show.

To add to the impressive list of accomplishments, Harriet is also a career coach and works with brands to encourage diversity in the workplace. Speaking about her support network, Harriet credits her parents as having a huge influence on her ambitions, instilling in her the belief she could do anything. Working with coaches such as Nikki Armytage and Patti Fletcher have helped her decide what she wants and realise the goals are within reach.

What we learnt


“Proceed Until Apprehended” is the best piece of advice Harriet’s received which she explains simply means “what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” It can be daunting to go it alone, but her advice is to “…think about who you can bring with you, it’s much less terrifying to take on a new project if you do it with other people.” Not only will things move quicker, you’ll have people to celebrate your success with.

Asked who she’d want to see at the finish line if she were running the London Marathon, a girl after our own heart she said, “The CEO of Cadbury’s with a lifetime supply of Dairy Milk” which would be well deserved after 26 miles! Alongside Ms Rosenfeld would be Harriet’s biggest supporter Aunt Leelee, who sadly passed away when she was 15. But she’d be “super impressed” and cheering the loudest!

Harriet Minter photos
Harriet Minter photos


One thing Harriet would tell her teenage self is to “think bigger”, having achieved all but one of the things on her “list of big dreams” by 30. We’re sure the missing Porsche shaped piece of the puzzle will soon be zooming into view.

Shop Harriet’s favourite Chrysalis pieces that resonated most with her story and her style below.